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Mission Statement:
The mission of the PPMC Hope Committee is to uplift burdened hearts in the time of sorrow and grief, to help celebrate special occasions and give recognition for outstanding achievements. The Hope Committee may provide some assistance to Pure Platinum Members or their family members that are experiencing unforeseen emergency hardships.

The Hope Committee was the brain child of Tamika 'Carmello" Daniels.  She believed in not only giving back to the community but also taking care of the Pure Platinum Family. Even during her own sickness she made it a point to contact and visit every Platinum member who was in need.

 The Hope Committee will be dedicated and committed in uplifting Pure Platinum Members and their families in times of bereavement. The Hope Committee will provide the family with inspirational cards, flowers and help with providing Flower Girls or Pallbearers if needed. The Hope Committee may also help to arrange for Pure Platinum to lead the funeral recession if requested by The Pure Platinum Member. The Hope Committee will also help members celebrate their special day with their very own Pure Platinum Birthday card and cake. For those members accomplishing outstanding achievements in the community and their personal life. The Hope Committee will recognize these accomplishments with a special gift. The Hope Committee may provide financial assistance to Platinum Members or their family members that are experiencing unforeseen emergency hardship.
Hope Committee Members:

Committee Advisors:
              XXX (Salisbury Chapter)
                   SuperStar (North Cali Chapter)                          
Chapter Representatives:

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